Web3's first IRL dance and performance NFT activation: moveMINT (NFTNYC 2022)

Kelly Kim
4 min readAug 9, 2022

You don’t need to go to more than one large-scale crypto conference to know that you’re going to need more than electrolytes and a cup of rejuvenation tea to recover. The biggest NFT conference of the year, NFT.NYC was no different this year. Back-to-back panels, a seemingly endless supply of booze, and vibes — good and bad, depending on your luck. moveMINT: the first ever in-person dance and performance activation, was just the respite folks needed to wind down the end of an epic week of ‘conferencing’.

moveMINT The Experience was presented by Forbidden Fruit, an arts duo of Crux and $tonez The Organic. Their mission is to cultivate equity for the underrepresented by creating space for performance artists around the globe — with a focus on performance, healing and wellness. Innovative activations such as moveMINT, are just part of their wider repertoire of curatorial initiatives and creative projects.

MoveMINT was an event for the community, inspired by the community. Specifically, the community of performance artists and dancers frequenting Crux’s weekly Twitter Space. Its magnitude is reflected by the sponsorship of major players in the web3 space such as GrooveTime, Glass, Mona and Metamask. Through showcasing performance in the flesh and curating an exclusive exhibition at the biggest NFT conference of the year, moveMINT’s mission was to bring awareness to web3 dancers, provide a space for connection and encourage expansion of dance NFT collectors.

Simba (photography by TERRANCE T YOUNG)

There could not have been a more perfect space to house the performance-focused agenda of moveMINT. Located in the heart of Chelsea, Lavan 541 was spacious, airy, and ideal for hosting dynamic installations. In the main room was a cubic, larger-than-life installation covering all four walls. Works projected included Catalina Castilla’s “Codigo,” Shu, Audrey Benson Nuamah, AILO, Olivia Burgess, NederDans, Fede Bianchi, neosutras, and more.

The event kicked off with solid roots. All attendees were guided through a meditation led by Crux — an excellent way to find focus amongst elevated spirits all week long.

Guided meditation — Photography by TiBa

By the entrance was a swag station managed by the friendly team at HEAT. DJ Chíc Bangs, Hunter spun the decks throughout the event. Earthbound co-founder Aidan Gibney covered the on-stage production. Glass Protocol offered livestream footage.

Earthbound (Left), Boyka Krump (right)

A curated line-up of six eclectic performances were dispersed throughout the day. Award-winning Chilean duo CryptoMoves (Nicolás Gatica and Bea Castaneda) demonstrated their undeniable connection through movement; Boyka, another chilean star, allowed the audience to ‘escape’ into his artistry; artist/dancer/model Simba displayed a powerful and moving Krump documentary; NYC-based movement-production collective Earthbound (with a surprise cameo by trailblazer Dylan Mayoral) stunned the audience with their synergy; lyricist/dancer Asha Dahomey tapped in and spoke her heart; and to wrap up, Crux displayed her multidisciplinary talent with a flawless dance performance.

Cryptomoves (Bea and Nicolas) — Photography by TiBa

Other highlights of the day included an interactive open-to-all dance cypher encircling talented VR artist Creatress Sarai, Jazii’s envigorating hosting and a live installation by experimental artist Martha Skinner.

Creatress Sarai Photography by TiBa
Martha Skinner — Photography by TiBa

Although young, the NFT art industry brings together a wide variety of art forms. If we examine the current scene and take 10K PFP artworks out of the picture, the 1/1 NFT art market is saturated by digital art, music or photography. Parallel to reality, performance artists and dancers are a rare breed in the digital realm. The dance dilemma extends to all mediums.

Where to now? Watch the art. Be absorbed by it. The best way to support is through collecting these 1/1 pieces. These artists are literally making movements on the blockchain. Immortalized locomotion. Next, show the artists some love on the internet. Not all of us have the means to collect art, but a retweet goes a long way to finding the works a home.

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Check out 4bidden Fruit’s website to learn more about their organisation.



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